Association of Engineering Societies – Engineering Institution of Macedonia

Association of Engineering Societies – Engineering Institution of Macedonia was established 73 years ago, as a professional, non-political and non-profitable organization. The Engineering Institution of Macedonia is unique organization which unites the professional and scientific engineering elite from Republic of North Macedonia with common needs and interests, through 22 Member Societies and Associations from all engineering areas.

Young engineers club (YEC)

Young engineers club (YEC) is part of the Engineer Institution of Macedonia and states the need for affirmation of young engineers and engineering in general in the society, as one of the moving parts of the economy. The Club’s prime interest is interaction between young engineers and students from Republic of North Macedonia with their colleagues from Europe on a professional level, while attending mutual conferences and events that promote technical sciences, engineering practical work and new accomplishments, as well as challenges.

European Young Engineers (EYE)

European Young Engineers (EYE) is a membership organisation for young engineers of all disciplines within the European Higher Educaton Area (EHEA). Founded in 1994, EYE has been organising conferences for over twenty years to bring young engineers together so that they may share their knowledge and experience, and gain an insight into living and working abroad. EYE is composed of 25 member associations, which are a combination of national engineering associations, student organisations and grassroots young engineers’ groups. Through their membership any individual who is a member of such an association may be considered a European Young Engineer and is able to participate in the community and attend conferences.EYE also brings together representatives from each member association, offering opportunities to share best practices of running a young engineers’ association either individually or as part of a national engineering association. EYE therefore has benefits not just for the young engineers, but for association leaders and staff who can leverage EYE membership to help develop and improve their own associations.

Organizing committee

  • Nikolina Shutinoska,Chair
  • Fredrick Schulze Spüntrup, Vice-chair
  • Aleksandar Krleski
  • Stojan Spasevski
  • Tina Manoleva
  • Hristo Nikodinovski
  • Simona Nikolova
  • Kristina Kuzeska
  • Elena Naumovska
  • Tamara Jovanovska
  • Kristina Janevska
  • Marija Milosavjeva
  • Visar Palloshi
Conference logo and materials design
  • Kristina Angelkova
Web page
  • Borjan Stojchev
  • Elena Nikolovska
  • Angel Sitnovski
IT Support
  • Matej Kutirov
  • Borjan Stojchev